About Us

A New Creed

We believe that God is the Awesome Giver of all life and so longs for us to reach our potential, under the guidance of the Spirit in relationship with the crucified and risen Jesus:

  • by worshipping God in Spirit and truth
  • by following the example and teaching of Jesus Christ
  • by growing in love and learning
  • by caring for and nurturing other lives
  • by encouraging all to enjoy God’s providence

Mission Statement

We will embrace this creed by:

  • being a Christian community, motivated and encouraged by God’s life giving Spirit.
  • following the teachings, example and meaning of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • resourcing and creating a place for all people to find:
    • space to discover identity and potential
    • fresh, invigorating life in God
    • a welcoming people with a caring heart
    • a blend of contemporary and traditional worship
    • a place to celebrate life’s moments
    • opportunities to believe again
    • avenues for developing life skills