Kids Church


Sunday Children’s Program

We currently have 4 groups on Sundays, in addition to our Youth. All of our groups are led by volunteers approved by Church Council. All leaders have current police clearances.

Crèche: 0-3 year olds
Crèche is provided every Sunday. We have age appropriate books and toys.

Sonshiners: 3-7 year olds
Held every Sunday (except Communion Sundays).
The sessions involve a bible story (usually from the lectionary for the particular week) and craft based activities picking up on the theme of the story. Simpler activities are available for the younger children, and other activities for those for whom craft is not fun.

Kids’ Church: 7-12 year olds
Kids’ Church is held in the multi-purpose room every Sunday (except communion Sundays). It is a complete worship service in itself, based on presentation of short themed object lessons and multi-media presentations on a particular theme for each term. It also involves games, treats and a lot of fun. The syllabus is American, but the presentations are adapted by our leaders to suit our children.

Age ranges:
We recognise that children mature at different ages and that the indicated age ranges may hold some back (and be difficult for others). The indicated ranges are not hard and fast – we are happy to look at each child’s needs (as well as the needs of the groups as a whole).